Conduit Lease/IRU Pricing

William Herrin bill at
Sun Feb 5 21:57:01 UTC 2023

On Sun, Feb 5, 2023 at 1:14 PM James Jun <james.jun at> wrote:
> it is important to contact the property owner and the owner of the wayleave
> (i.e. carrier owning the conduit system on private property) for
> permission/license to enter, and never assume that just because
> a conduit is in private property and the landlord thinks you're ok,
>  yo're good to go.

If you ask the carrier, the answer (if you can get one at all) is:
Ours. You no use. And it prompts them to get their legal house in
order. Not a good strategy.

Get the owner's permission in writing and double-check it with the
county recorder's office (or whatever it's called in your state). If
the ILEC recorded an easement then you're out of luck. If there's no
recorded easement or a defective easement then you can get away with
it. Even if they have a signed document, they can't just go after you,
they have to go after the landlord, and the money they'd recover is
never worth making an enemy of the landlord.

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