Smaller than a /24 for BGP?

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I suspect the initial question was related to scarcity and not traffic engineering.

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I’m late to the conversation, but I would have to agree with most. Below a /24 route advertisement shouldn’t happen.

I have a /24 that I would love to advertise as 2 /25’s, but the affects on everyone else is just too much. I take full routes from 4 providers, and I certainly don’t want to add over 100K. Carriers and enterprises have to pay a lot for our edge routers doing bgp and most don’t want to upgrade. We would benefit from advertising /25’s but it hurt’s more than it helps.

I’m in the alarm industry and they still haven’t started adopting IPv6. If we allow /25 subnets, some industries will never change. In a sense, we have to “force” them to change.


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Implementing v6 is important, but unrelated to allowing smaller v4 prefixes.

Not taking a position either way if smaller v4 prefixes is good or bad.

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I would suggest that this is trying to solve the wrong problem.  To me this is pressure to migrate to v6, not alter routing rules.

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Have there been talks about the best practices to accept things smaller than a /24? I qm seeing more and more scenarios where folks need to participate in BGP but they do not need a full /24 of space.  Seems wasteful.  I know this would bloat the routing table immensely.  I know of several folks who could split their /24 into /25s across a few regions and still have plenty of IP space.

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