Typical last mile battery runtime (protecting against power cuts)

Mark Tinka mark at tinka.africa
Sun Feb 5 09:04:04 UTC 2023

On 2/5/23 09:32, John van Oppen wrote:
> 20 KW should easily cover the 9KW you could max draw with your strip heat.   It is super uncommon to have even peak loads over 20 KW in a house.   Even your peak day was only an average of 6 KW.
> You might need some load shedding just to keep the big stuff from coming on all at once but that is pretty easy.   If you have instant hot water that also could be a problem those are huge, typically 15-20 KW by themselves.

I agree - sounds like Roy would benefit from either doing some load 
shedding and/or switching out gear that is more power-efficient.


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