Typical last mile battery runtime (protecting against power cuts)

Israel G. Lugo israel.lugo at lugosys.com
Fri Feb 3 14:11:57 UTC 2023

Hi folks,

At $day_job, I have a team of engineers who are oncall for critical 
services in the United Kingdom. For $reasons, the national power grid is 
announcing the possibility of rolling power cuts over the coming months. 
Right now it's "unlikely", but possible. If cuts do happen, it'll be 3+ 
hours, possibly several times/day.

I'm looking at the cost/benefit of deploying small UPSes at people's 
homes, to protect their network access when oncall. Just to power the 
home router (+ONT if FTTP), and keep a charged laptop. I figure anything 
smallish should be enough for a few hours.

Question is, how much battery runtime can I typically expect from ISPs' 
last mile infra.

People will have a random mix of DSL, FTTP, DOCSIS. Another alternative 
is tethering with 4G.

- For FTTP, I *think* (but am not sure) that the UK mostly uses PON, so 
guess it would be runtime of OLT and onwards
- For DSL: runtime of DSLAM cabinet and onwards
- For CATV: CMTS and onwards, maybe any active equipments in the HFC to 
the CPE?
- For 4G: BSS and onwards

Could anyone with last mile experience help with some ballpark figures? 
I.e. 15 min vs 8h or 8 days.

Thank you,

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