ARIN RPA updated (again) to address TAL distribution (Re: ARIN RPKI services terms/conditions - Change to Management of the Trust Anchor Locator for ARIN’s RPKI Service)

Randy Bush randy at
Thu Sep 29 22:12:34 UTC 2022

> However, your point is taken and ARIN shall endeavor to make terms and
> conditions for use of the TAL and the ARIN repository clearer in this
> regard.
> As alluded to above, the attached ARIN announcement from today notes
> that the ARIN RPA has now been updated (again) specifically to improve
> its clarity regarding the ability to distribute the ARIN TAL.

so carefully worded

the following is a binary question.  yes or no, please

  may i include the arin tal in my software product with neither i nor
  the user of the product being encumbered, signing anything, ... as
  with the other RIRs?


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