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Yes: the intent is that an RP validator may ship and use the ARIN TAL by default.
If that is not clear in the revised RPA, then the RPA agreement will updated again for clarity.

I feel like you're just gaslighting us at this point.

You suggest gaslighting by ARIN as as result of us indicating that if the RPA is unclear, it will be
corrected?   That’s a interesting interpretation – I could certainly understand a gaslighting concern
if ARIN said “it’s fine and don’t worry about the words; it means what it means” but rather we are
acknowledging the language may still remain unclear and need to be promptly addressed.

Why can't ARIN just grant distribution and use for any purpose rights like the other RIRs?

Not quite "use for any purpose”; for example – RIPE NCC - "Users shall be permitted to download the Repository and to access and use the data contained therein, only in order to validate Certificates, CRLs and RPKI-signed objects.  Download of the Repository, access to or use of the data contained therein for any other purpose, including but not limited to identification purposes, advertising, direct marketing, marketing research or similar purposes, is strictly forbidden.”

However, your point is taken and ARIN shall endeavor to make terms and conditions for use
of the TAL and the ARIN repository clearer in this regard.


John Curran
President and CEO
American Registry for Internet Numbers

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