Request for BGP Community-to-text mappings for BGP Looking Glass

Teun Vink teun at
Fri Sep 23 16:57:37 UTC 2022


On 23 Sep 2022, at 18:01, Job Snijders via NANOG wrote:

> Dear all,
> I'd like to ask help from the EBGP hivemind: the shiny new BGP looking
> glass at supports displaying text strings
> mapped from BGP community values (both simple and large communities).
> Please consider submitting what you know! The more the merrier.


Thanks for bringing this to everyone’s attention, Job! And thanks for 
all the help getting the LG where it is now :)

As an alternative, feel free to send me (off list: teun at a list 
of communities. But creating a pull request on our Github repository is 
preferred of course.


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