Imperva / Apple Private Relay issues

Lyndon Nerenberg (VE7TFX/VE6BBM) lyndon at
Wed Sep 21 18:08:49 UTC 2022

Robert Schoneman writes:
> I've tested accessing one of our sites that uses Imperva WAF w/ DDOS protec=
> tion enabled from an iPhone w/ Apple Private Relay turned on. I experienced=
>  no issues but only have that single test to go on. =20

A couple of people from Cloudflare and Apple contacted me directly.
They did some poking around internally but didn't really find
anything.  And the problem seemed to clear itself up over the

At this point I'm chalking it up to some transient routing issues
upstream of Imperva that sorted themselves out.

Thanks to everyone who replied off-list and offered to help!


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