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Is there a public archive of these court proceedings?  Or even a list
of which cases have involved ARIN (or another RIR)?

John -

Not to my knowledge for ARIN - we are routinely involved in various civil, criminal, bankruptcy and
probate matters as necessary to protect the rights of the resource holders (in cases where they are
being hijacked or otherwise converted by parties not affiliated with the registrant) and the rights of
the ARIN community (in cases where parties attempt to dispose of number resources contrary to
community-developed policy.)   We do not publish an index of cases, but those cases that are
public matters are available in appropriate court record searches.

John -

It occurred to me that there is a discussion of many of the legal aspects in the transfer
of IP address blocks (from ARIN’s view) including references some of relevant cases that
have been through the courts contained in the following 2013 ABA article written by Ben
Edelman and ARIN’s General Counsel (at that time) Steve Ryan –

While this doesn’t provide a list of the legal proceedings, it does provide reference to some of
the more seminal ones as well as provide pointers to several examples of orders that have
occur in bankruptcy events (the most common circumstances that ARIN ends up involved in)


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