Normal ARIN registration service fees for LRSA entrants after 31 Dec 2023 (was: Fwd: [arin-announce] Availability of the Legacy Fee Cap for New LRSA Entrants Ending as of 31 December 2023)

William Herrin bill at
Mon Sep 19 16:29:05 UTC 2022

On Mon, Sep 19, 2022 at 9:21 AM Tom Beecher <beecher at> wrote:
> A bit of an exaggeration there. The RSA says that you are bound
> by all current and future policies that come from the Policy Development
> Process. The PDP is open to everyone except ARIN Trustees or Staff.
> So by definition, ARIN could not unilaterally decide to change a policy
> on how addresses were used.

The board of trustees can change the policy development process in
arbitrary ways at any time. They have done so more than once since
ARIN's inception. Moreover, in the current process the board has
unilateral authority to reject or adjust proposals which come out of
the process before adoption. And lest you forget, the current process
starts with the advisory council who can originate and exercise
complete control over the text of policy proposals.

So structurally, ARIN and its officials can indeed unilaterally decide
to change a policy on how addresses are used. They don't currently.
But nothing in the law or the contract prevents it.

> To a point I do. But I have yet to hear an argument from a
> legacy allocation holder that didn't boil to "I want to have
> the flexibility to do things with this space that I wouldn't have
> if I had gotten it assigned post RIR. I don't know what those
> things might be, and I don't care if others don't get to do those things too."

For what it's worth, in pursuing equalization I'd rather see the
contractees' rights liberalized than my own rights restricted.

Bill Herrin

For hire.

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