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Thu Sep 15 21:19:02 UTC 2022

Did you check these services?

On Wed, Sep 14, 2022 at 6:34 PM Christopher Munz-Michielin <
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> Hey All,
> For my dayjob I help run an Anycast DNS network and we've recently had
> complaints from our users in the APAC region that sites using Level 3's
> CDN have poor performance.  Upon looking into this, it seems that they
> (Level 3) have incorrect geolocation data for some of our Singapore
> servers and are returning IPs for CDN servers in Australia.  I've
> validated the WHOIS information for the blocks in question is correct,
> and every GeoIP site I check against comes back as Singapore, so this
> must be some internal database.
> I've tried emailing the whois contact, as well as the technical contact
> for the domain but have yet to receive a response.  Wonder
> if anyone else has been able to get in touch with the CDN people at Level
> 3?
> Cheers!
> Chris
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