Router ID on IPv6-Only

J. Hellenthal jhellenthal at
Thu Sep 8 15:28:37 UTC 2022


Personally it just needs to be unique. Relying on a Id to be unique when ascociated to an IP address that may be used on a failover system seems really poor to me.

Assign a random ID and plug it into your IPAM!. If at anything assign a router ID to a rack location and associate every bit of information  about that location in whatever you're tracking management can provide.

Personally I prefer date originated generated numbers that allow me to filter upon such and spill out the results to tell me where its at what rack its in, slot number etc...

But then again this is from a failover system perspective...


> On Sep 8, 2022, at 10:13, Randy Bush <randy at> wrote:
>> During some IPv6 numbering discussions at work today, someone had a
>> question that I hadn't really considered before. How to choose 32-bit
>> router IDs for IPv6-only routers.
> arbitrary 32 bit number unique in the autonomous system.  even in an
> ipv4 world it does not need to match any configured interface address.
> randy


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