Understanding impact of RPKI and ROA on existing advertisements

Samuel Jackson bobin.public at gmail.com
Fri Oct 28 15:00:00 UTC 2022

I am new to RPKI/ROA and still learning about RPKI. From all my reading on
ARIN's documents I am not able to answer some of my questions.
We have a public ARIN block and advertise smaller subnets from that to our
ISP's. We do not have any RPKI configs.
We need to setup ROA's to take another subnet from the ARIN block to AWS.
Reading ARIN's docs, it seems I need to get setup on their Hosted RPKI
service after which I can configure ROA's for the networks I am taking to

My question is, will this impact my existing advertisements to my ISP's.
The current advertisements do not have ROA's.
Will having RPKI for my ARIN network, without ROA's for the existing
advertisements impact me?

Thanks for your help.

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