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> my favorite is
> It's perfectly appropriate to be upset.


I thought of it in a slightly
> different way--like a space that we were exploring and, in the early days,
> we figured out this consistent path through the space: IP, TCP, and so on.

the impact of IP, TCP in improving human life across the globe in the last
decades can not be overstated.

Human enginuity through names like Google have enabled the age of
information and access to information through addresses and digital trade
routes have continued to ensure peace for humanity on the positive side of
the communications spectrum.

What's been happening over the last few years is that the IETF is filling
> the rest of the space with every alternative approach, not necessarily any
> better.  Every possible alternative is now being written down.  And it's
> not
> useful.  -- Jon Postel

I suppose original human ideas and thoughts tends to stand the taste of

Iterations often times leads back to the beginning.


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