Equinix routeservers (MLPE) behavior c/f no_export

Frank Habicht geier at geier.ne.tz
Fri Oct 28 13:04:09 UTC 2022

Hi Elmar,

it seems to be a not completely agreed/standardised question.


    The BGP Communities [RFC1997] and Extended Communities [RFC4360]
    attributes are intended for labeling information carried in BGP
    UPDATE messages.  Transitive as well as non-transitive Communities
    attributes applied to an NLRI UPDATE sent to a route server SHOULD
    NOT be modified, processed, or removed, except as defined by local
    policy.  If a Communities attribute is intended for processing by the
    route server itself, as determined by local policy, it MAY be
    modified or removed.

has some more background.

Hi Nick!


On 28/10/2022 15:21, Elmar K. Bins wrote:
> Hi guys (and others),
> I couldn't find an official description/explanation of this (EQX docs only
> mention that this should behave the same as their "set the no_export" TE
> community.
> We are using Equinix' IXP platform's routeserver service (MLPE) in a few
> locations on the planet, and due to the nature of our anycast structure, we are
> sending our prefixes with the well-known NO_EXPORT community attached.
> It seems to me that, at least in some places (i.e. Warsaw, ex-PLIX), the
> routeservers will not forward the routes further, being intransparent to the
> NO_EXPORT setting.
> My assumption was transparency, so the prefixes would be forwarded unchanged,
> including the NO_EXPORT community attached.
> It would be nice to hear directly from Equinix, of course, but if anybody on
> this list has hard knowledge of this, please share, so that I can take the
> appropriate measures...
> Thanks in advance,
>                  Elmar.

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