2022.10.19 NANOG86 community meeting notes

Matthew Petach mpetach at netflight.com
Wed Oct 19 20:32:01 UTC 2022

For anyone who missed the community meeting this morning at NANOG 86
and wants to know what was covered before the official notes and video are
here's the notes I took from the meeting this morning.

And if you missed Geoff Bennett's talk on how optical networking
our world, you definitely need to see it when it gets posted.  Absolutely
the price of admission!


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2022.10.19 NANOG86 community meeting

MODERATORS: Cat Gurinsky, Ed McNair

Cat reminds people to identify themselves when coming to the 
microphone, and the slide deck is posted in the agenda.

Over to Ed to present the slides.

Ed welcomes everyone back to the first meeting that 
really feels like a traditional meeting again.
It was a slow march to come back, and thank you 
all for coming back together again with us!

Development updates:
Greg Newman joins as full-time employee; he has been
helping us working for a third party on our development
for the past three years, and now he's coming on board.
He does an incredible job communicating with the team,
and has been instrumental in reimagining our program 

2022 development projects
migrate membeship and donations to stripe
iprove test coverage
new forms for talk submissions
cluster rebuild
upgrade stripe to payment intents
appointment tool beta
dozens of bug fixes and tweaks
PCTool v2

Ed demos the new appointment tool;
first, we reimagined our registration
system; then we came up a with a new 
tool for connecting with other attendees;
when you register, you can make yourself
available for appointments.  When you click 
on the little symbol, you can schedule a 
meeting with people; it sends you an email
with the invite, you can adjust the times
for meetings, and chat back and forth with
attendees to lock it in;
You can view the calendar view as well.

2023 development projects
update site navigation and UI, and staff
administration tools
doing some UI refreshes
update the registration system
sponsor tool update, saving staff time
badge printing?
appointment tool v1 will be released
updates to the virtual platform, ability to 
 communicate 1 on 1
add meeting room/table assignments into meeting tool
interactive reporting tools, add feedback
enable NOGs to use our event tools.
 looking for people to help support us!

Outreach things we've done in past few months;
we have an outreach group to expand nanog beyond
just the meetings.
NANOG U: Montgomery, collaboration between NANOG,
ICANN, ARIN, and our outreach partners; hosted by
the city of montgomery's mayer's office;

Over to Cat for the rest.
NANOG program
Evolution of the PC;
added subcommittees:
 Data analysis sub-committee, started by Liz
 moderators sub-committee
  some people have never done public speaking; helps 
  people through, and write the moderator speeches for 
  people so it's no longer ad-hoc
broken off sub-committees (no longer under the PC)
improvements to talk submission process
 assigning of content reviewers earlier in the process,
 makes sure it's readable, presentable; we help you 
 make a good-looking presentation even if it's not

Evolution of the PC tool
 much easier to work with tool, filter by category, 
 you can see what stage each talk is in, make sure 
 slides are attached, 

Agenda builder--just written by greg; used to be in 
an excel spreadsheet with title and length, with 
merged cells.
Now, using same base as appointment builder to 
build the agenda; talks are already right size 
to put into the calendar view.

Rolling call for presentations
submit now for next several nanogs, up to N89
87, atlanta, GA
88, seattle WA
89, san diego, CA

We can even accept talks for future NANOGS, 
even if it's 2 meetings away; if it's a good
talk, it's good even if it's out ahead.
Your final slides are due before the conference,

N86 and N87 talk submissions
N86, 73 submitted talks total
24 accepted talks, +2 lightning talks

N87, 12 pending talks, 1 accepted talk

tutorals and tracks room back for N87 and onwards

some N87 talks were deferred from N86 that 
weren't going to be ready in time, or people 
weren't going to be available.

we need to accept more talks to fill the 
tutorials and tracks room, so start submitting,
we're looking for 30+ talks.

If you wait until last minute, there's less likely
to be space for you.

Program Committee Volunteers
starting in January, members can submit name for 
consideration, 2 year terms, 2 consecutive terms
14 positions available, 5 to replace term-limited
PC members
appointments will be made in February.

Thank you!

Luis Lee, Google Fiber; thank you for the talk;
got me thinking about tutorials; do you maybe 
want to do a series of soft skills;
how to give a technical presentation
to a room this size, or to senior management,
what you want to do, (deploy IPv6, for example)
as part of our career building.  Soft skills 
are important to put a team together to build
things, to get things done.
Cat says "please submit it!"
If you're ever engaged in toastmasters, or maybe
we can get a toastmaster here to tutor us.

Ed notes Christina did a public speaking tutorial;
he asked if she might be interested in teaching that.

Christina comes to the mike; Christina Chu, NTT;
she looked into toastmaster; we can't have them
here due to policy guidelines they have.
We can talk about how this can continue on and
What you mentioned a moment ago about
professional skills; on the PC, we talked about
professional development; Betty emphasized that
we could hire someone to give that kind of 
tutorial.  It will probably still be an option
for the program committee to consider, we can 
hire someone if it's appropriate.

Louis Lee, second question; how do we approach
memorializing of people in our community who
have passed in the past year; there were thoughts
of doing a memorial page.

If you go to community.nanog.org, we started a 
page on the discourse, at the bottom, "in memorium",
you can submit names of people who  have passed,
and you can submit names of others who have 
passed, and add photos, memories, stories.
It gets tricky to put them in opening and closing,
but we'll have a thread for everyone who has passed
from our community.

Louis notes that since we're in Hollywood, it 
might be nice to run through the names; if there
are names that appeared since the last meeting, 
or once a year, have them scroll through the list 
of names during the breaks, so it gets a bit more

Tina Morris, AWS, one housekeeping thing on 
meeting planning tool, a lot of features have
been requested; would be nice to reduce requests 
if we can see backlog to know what is already
in the works.

Ed notes we do have it, we just need to make
it prominantly visible.

Matt Petach asks about the Badge Printing bullet
In June meeting, we'll have an ipad that you can 
use to print your own badge to speed up the
registration process.

Tina notes the badges before were bigger, with
names and affiliations much easier to read.

Any questions about volunteering?

Thank you all, and huge appreciation for all
those who do volunteer to make the meetings
a success!  If you want to make sure it will
continue to be a success, please volunteer!

Ed wraps up the meeting at 1029 hours Pacific

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