2:45 apple's talk on responsiveness tuesday

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Mon Oct 17 14:55:07 UTC 2022

It's "fun" to run their new go based responsiveness test on  the
conference wifi: https://github.com/network-quality/goresponsiveness -
with two or more people at the same time. Hotel wifi is *even* more
fun. in-Bar 5G comparing it (or the new speedtest app which is also
measuring roughly the same things) to 4G, oh my! Would love it if more
folk tried it and shared data!

Also: https://github.com/Zoxc/crusader is shaping up, and has a
staggered start test now.

And of course, there's always flent.

I'm not at this nanog, tho I wish I was.

This song goes out to all the folk that thought Stadia would work:
Dave Täht CEO, TekLibre, LLC

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