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One of the best things about this list is first hand accounts of our
internet lore

Does anyone have any stories about working with or near John they would
like to share with the list? It would definitely make my day to hear more
about the early internet


On Sun, Oct 16, 2022, 8:01 PM Nathan Angelacos <nangel at> wrote:

> >
> > Early unix had a similar philosophical debate. Everything is a simple
> > file (including most devices), make commands which do one thing and
> > do it well so they can be connected together in new ways (an almost
> > prescient view on the ubiquity of multi-cpu/core systems), when in
> > doubt generalize and let the user specialize for their needs, don't
> > try to guess everything your program will be used for.
> Oh. you mean SaaS?  or WebSockets?  or REST? or :)
> I remember an old guy I worked with.   We were decommissioning our
> Prime for this new thing called "Novell 286"
> He said "The computer industry is like the car industry in the 50's.
> We add more grille, more fenders, more wings.   But it is still a car."
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