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Sun Oct 16 23:09:20 UTC 2022

On 10/16/22 15:55, Nathan Angelacos wrote:

> I got on the "interwebs" just before Al Gore invented the internet (no
> political statement, just that is the way it was back then.)   15 3.5"
> floppy disks, a 33Mhz 486, slackware, (and a really reliable USRobotics
> modem.)

About the same time for me, may have been a 286. I remember fiddling 
with init strings and Trumpet Winsock.

It wasn't really the interWEBs then. The web was a small part of the 
experience for me. USENET, email, FTP, Archie, gopher with a splash of 
www for flavor.

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