Fwd: ARIN ORG ID for non-ARIN region company

George Toma toma at visnetworkrd.com
Fri Oct 14 00:11:24 UTC 2022

This was the reply I got from ARIN to my inquiry:

Hello George

Absolutely out of region organizations can establish an Organization ID and
record with ARIN. They should be asked if it is for reallocation purposes
and once that is answered affirmatively then ARIN will create the record.
At this time ARIN does require a $50 dollar fee as well as the organization
must sign an RSA. Please reach out if you or anyone else has other


John S.


On Thursday, October 13, 2022, Christopher Munz-Michielin via NANOG <
admin at community.nanog.org> wrote:

> Christopher_Munz-Mic <https://community.nanog.org/u/christopher_munz-mic>
> October 13
> I would be interested in an answer here as well. We are a company based
> out of Canada and as such have resources allocated by ARIN. We have a
> number of customers who are not within the ARIN region that we would like
> to be able to SWIP IP space to. I would much rather do a re-allocation and
> have our customer maintain their own contact records rather then needing to
> do a simple re-assignment and having to get them to ticket us if email
> addresses or phone numbers change.
> Chris
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