ARIN ORG ID for non-ARIN region company

George Toma toma at
Thu Oct 13 22:40:55 UTC 2022


Does anybody know if it possible to create ARIN ORG ID for non-ARIN region

We are LACNIC region based. In LACNIC as well as RIPE regions the RIRs
allow creation of ORG IDs for non-region companies for purposes of IP
reallocations, etc. (e.g. IPv4 lease, etc.).

I have gone to ARIN ORG ID registration page but it says only ARIN region
companies can register in ARIN. We need this for purposes of IPv4
reallocation of our IPv4 leased subnets so also the contact handles are
reallocated to us.

ARIN asks me to pay for creation of ORG ID, but I would lose the payment if
the request is denied.

We do not plan to request any resources, no ASN or IP resources will be
requested through that ORG ID, it's only to allow for full IPv4
reallocation (including contact handles).

Thank you for any input.

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