any dangers of filtering every /24 on full internet table to preserve FIB space ?

Andrey Kostin ankost at
Wed Oct 12 14:54:17 UTC 2022

Matthew Petach писал(а) 2022-10-11 20:33:

> My point is that it's not a feature of BGP, it's a purely human
> convention,
> arrived at through the intersection of pain and laziness.
> There's nothing inherently "right" or "wrong" about where the line was
> drawn, so for networks to decide that /24 is causing too much pain,
> and moving the line to /23 is no more "right" or "wong" than drawing
> the line at /24.  A network that *counts* on its non-connected sites
> being reachable because they're over a mythical /24 limit is no more
> right than a customer upset that their /25 announcements aren't being
> listened to.

IMO this line wasn't arbitrary, it was (and it still is) a smallest 
possible network size allocated by RIRs. So it's just a common sense to 
receive everything down to /24 to have the complete data about all 
Internet participants.

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