any dangers of filtering every /24 on full internet table to preserve FIB space ?

Mark Tinka mark at
Tue Oct 11 04:44:26 UTC 2022

On 10/11/22 00:37, Matthew Petach wrote:

> They became even more huffy, insisting that we were breaking the 
> internet by not
> following the correct routing for the more-specific /24s which were no 
> longer present
> in our tables.  No amount of trying to explain to them that they 
> should not advertise
> an aggregate route if no connectivity to the more specific 
> constituents existed seemed
> to get the point across.  In their eyes, advertising the /24s meant 
> that everyone should
> follow the more specific route to the final destination directly.

Certainly, an interesting, half-technical angle to consider when 
thinking of doing something like this.

Folk that are pushing out /24's with the expectation of the rest of the 
Internet steering traffic a certain way toward them, being surprised by 
the "brokenness" that can be created due to the decision to override 
"longest match" in favour of spending less cash.

Who has the right to complain the least, or the most, in such a situation?

     A: "So why don't you have a bigger router that can take our /24?"

     B: "Well, we don't have the money to afford taking a /24."

     A: "Ummh... but you are breaking BGP, and..."

     B: "Yeah... it's my Autonomous System. Sorry!"

As my South African friend would say, "It's wild".


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