FCC chairwoman: Fines alone aren't enough (Robocalls)

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Wed Oct 5 02:53:06 UTC 2022

Very different, collecting it would mean contacting EVERY customer to collect the data and then validating it all to ensure the customer was telling the truth, down to the individual phone number level. Imagine if to validate routes, you weren’t able to look at /24’s and higher but down to the individual address and didn’t have SWIP data to use as a starting point

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>> The FCC hasn’t enforced it because the burden on large carriers to collect that data would be insane. And it would be reduce the flexibility of large carriers to take on new traffic in disaster situations, which is one of the strongest points of the PSTN. It’s not like the carriers have the data and aren’t using it, they simply don’t have the data.
> /me looks at weblogs for a very large internet site....
>  ".. burden on large carriers to collect that data would be insane..."
> ORLY? do tell.

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