NANOG 86 Hackathon, 1 Day DNS Class + Connect w/ Community via Affinity Groups!

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Tue Oct 4 22:32:44 UTC 2022

*NANOG 86 Hackathon Kicks Off Friday! *
*Register Now to Attend In-Person and/or Virtually*

*Friday, 07 Oct - *Intro/Tutorial/Team Formation
*Saturday + Sunday, 15-16 Oct -* Hacking

On *Friday, 07 Oct, *we will hold the Hackathon welcome, introduction,
infrastructure tutorial, idea-pitching, and team-forming session over Zoom.

*Theme: *Packing up your Tool Kit - I

***Registration is required. View + print flyer here.


*DNS Fundamentals  *
*NANOG 86 DNS 1-Day Class*

*Date:* 16 Oct. - In-Person Class
*Time: *10:00am - 4:00pm PST

*Description:* Exploration of the history of the Domain Number System
(DNS), the original design, how it works, and its evolution.

***Registration is required. View + print flyer here.


*Connect with our Incredible Community! *
*Check out our "Affinity Groups" via our Community Forum*

Looking for a way to connect more with our incredible community? Join the
conversation and make new friends via our Community Forum Affinity Groups!

Current affinity groups available:
• Automation
• Coffee
• Diversity in Tech
• Events & Social Groups
• IRRd
• Kids
• Martial Arts
• Running
• Security
• Walking
• Whiskey Connoisseurs
• Wine Connoisseurs
• Women in Tech
• Yoga

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