[EXTERNAL] Re: FCC chairwoman: Fines alone aren't enough (Robocalls)

Compton, Rich A Rich.Compton at charter.com
Tue Oct 4 19:22:07 UTC 2022

DDoS traffic coming from legit/botted sources that is not spoofed is not DDoS amplification.  DDoS amplification requires spoofing.  If everyone did BCP38/84, there would be no DDoS amplification attacks.  


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    On 10/4/22 09:19, Mike Hammett wrote:
    > Sorta like in the IP world, if everyone did BCP38/84, amplification 
    > attacks wouldn't exist. Not everyone does, so...

    Wouldn't exist? Maybe only in part, BCP38/84 does nothing for a majority 
    of DDoS amp attacks. Most traffic is coming from legit/botted sources.

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