FCC proposes higher speed goals (100/20 Mbps) for USF providers

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Sun May 29 02:11:09 UTC 2022

Maybe someone mentioned this in the current go-around but it seems we
discussed this going back to when post-dialup became available, and
before, regarding campus always-on links.

There are different underlying business models possible with different

The major split is whether you meter or not.

For unmetered use there's a tendency to sell what you imagine the site
needs and if they fill it all the time ok.

For metered use you prefer to sell the site more bandwidth than they
might need on average, maybe a lot more, and they can pay if they use
a lot.

And the ever-popular hybrid models, sell a big pipe which includes
some unmetered use and only charge for overage.

And of course the ever unpopular yet common sell a big pipe with some
cap and tell them you might shape their connection on Sundays if the
moon is full and there's an 'r' in the month (kind of like ride share
pricing) tho probably no overage pricing, it just gets slow. Or maybe
overage charges also if you're a quasi-monopoly -- if we got it we'll
bill ya for using it, if not then you just won't get it.

>From a marketing point of view that pretty much sums up the
possibilities. All you can eat vs THAT'S ALL YOU CAN EAT!

        -Barry Shein

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