Open source tool for network map visualization

J. Hellenthal jhellenthal at
Fri May 27 14:10:16 UTC 2022

Greylog has a feature to visualize attacks/threats on a map visualized by syslog messages being sent by IDS systems like snort/suricata. If either of those are deployed at your locations then you can get a map for each location among number of threats detected.

Just a simple related mapping feature.

 J. Hellenthal

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> On May 27, 2022, at 07:41, Marinos Dimolianis <dimolianis.marinos at> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I was looking for an open source tool to visualize our network infrastructure in a world map including also our link utilization.
> Any ideas?
> Thank you in advance,
> Marinos
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