Question re prevention of enumeration with DNSSEC (NSEC3, etc.)

David Conrad drc at
Tue May 24 16:47:41 UTC 2022


On May 23, 2022, at 9:12 AM, Max Tulyev <maxtul at> wrote:
> 11.05.22 15:31, Masataka Ohta пише:
>> There are various ways, such as crawling the web, to enumerate
>> domain names.
> Come on, web is dying! People are moving to mobile applications!
> So more and more domains do not need any web site by design.

An interesting assertion. I’ve heard similar statements since about 2005.  Not disagreeing (haven’t looked at stats in a while), but what data are you basing this upon?  How does this correlate with the proliferation of blockchain-based squatted TLDs (e.g., unstoppable domains, handshake, etc.)?


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