Any sign of supply chain returning to normal?

Mark Tinka mark at
Fri May 20 08:14:16 UTC 2022

On 5/19/22 16:07, NetEquity Sales wrote:

> As someone who works within the "secondary market" for networking 
> hardware, there is a ton of demand spilling over into the 
> "pre-owned/vendor refurbished" market.
> Market prices on pre-owned equipment are rapidly increasing in step 
> with increased demand and dwindling supply.
> Market prices on 1G - 10G switching products, wireless infrastructure 
> devices, etc have been rising precipitously. Even semi "legacy" stuff 
> going back 2-3 generations (EOL/EOS) from current gen have doubled, 
> tripled, even quadrupled in price.
> I've been involved in the hardware business for 20 years and the 
> current market landscape is unprecedented.

And this is the case for Transport gear as well, not just IP/MPLS/Ethernet.


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