Re: MSA’s and network architecture

Mark Tinka mark at
Wed May 18 08:29:59 UTC 2022

On 5/18/22 08:39, Saku Ytti wrote:

> We could also add an explanation to our proposals for the acronym. :)
> In your fair proposal, MSA is related to network architecture as a way
> to standardise pluggable (optics). But as always standards are
> incomplete, ambiguous and do not guarantee interoperability, so it
> will take some time for industry to decide what is 'correct'
> interpretation of MSA. Implying when you buy early in life cycle new
> optics, you may want to source more carefully and test, compared to
> buying later in life cycle sourcing pluggables anywhere with 0 testing
> is relatively low risk.

Unless you are truly desperate and/or happy to get stuck in vendor-land, 
always wise to be slightly behind the curve when it comes to optics.


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