Github/gist list of modern telemetry/networking polling tools

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Here is a list:

Personally, I've used smokeping for over a decade (mrtg works too, or rrd and a cron job), as well as librenms/prtg and as of the last couple of years a software "stack" such as telegraf+influxdb+grafana, although that's more resource intensive than the old school stuff that just works.

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If you guys are like me I find something that works and I just stick with it.

Now that we're getting to a place where we can re-tool some of our monitoring and telemetry for our network I am looking for information/recommendations on new tools.

Specifically I am looking a list of NMS, SNMP poller/grapher, sflow/netflow cap/dump tools that people are enjoying.

I know a lot of times people post lists of tools over on github or a gist so I am just wondering if anyone has any lists for this that they like?


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