Newbie x Cisco IOS-XR x ROV: BCP to not harassing peer(s) and upstream(s)

heasley heas at
Wed May 11 20:06:16 UTC 2022

Wed, May 11, 2022 at 09:36:36PM +0200, Lukas Tribus:
> True and the amount of memory used per prefix also depends on things
> like BGP communities.
> When I tested this, on 32 bit XR I had a memory increase of about 400
> MB for a full feed 2 years ago.

it depends on the architechture, the variance in paths and attributes,
and how much your policy alters those, what is being sent vs filtered,
AND the number of peers and add-path, etc etc.  eg: if your policy
alters attributes, space for both the old and new attributes is needed.

Whether you need 64bit depends on the total memory usage exceeding,
iirc, 3.2GB.

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