Question re prevention of enumeration with DNSSEC (NSEC3, etc.)

Masataka Ohta mohta at
Mon May 9 11:14:07 UTC 2022

Rubens Kuhl wrote:

>> Is there any case law where someone has asserted a database right for a DNS zone?
> German law has something to goes somewhat near it, although closer to
> a mandate rather than a right:

Similar regulation also exists in Japan. However...

Considering that, with a detailed map of a town, one can enumerate
addresses of all the houses in the town and owner information
of the houses can be obtained from land registry office operated
by government (I know complications in US on such registry), such
regulation is not very meaningful.

As privacy breach is caused by not enumeration but registry,
there is little, if any, reason to avoid enumeration.

Moreover, because making ownership information of lands and
domain names publicly available promotes public well fair
and domain name owners approve publication of such
information in advance, there shouldn't be any concern
of privacy breach forbidden by local law of DE.

						Masataka Ohta

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