Re: 10 Do's + Don'ts for Visiting Québec + Register Now for N85!

Stephen Fulton sf at
Sun May 8 20:31:58 UTC 2022

I will add that card cloning is common enough in Canada that one should 
take precautions, particularly if just using the magnetic strip instead 
of tapping or chip/code.  Don't hand your card to anyone to allow them 
to swipe either, no matter how nicely they offer.

If you are not from Canada and do not speak French but have an English 
accent that could be from another part of Canada, you may get an 
atittude from some service workers.. just explain that you're not from 
Canada and the attitude will clear right up.

It's a wonderful city, just use your head.

On 2022-05-08 08:11, jim deleskie wrote:
> Having lived in and continue to spend as much time in Montreal as I 
> can.  This list made be laugh, especially for a group where most of us 
> do a lot of travel.
> Other then no right on red.  Montreal like any other city.  Don't be an 
> ass and enjoy yourself.
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>     *10 Do's + Don'ts for Visiting Québec*
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>     enthralling art, food, history + festivals. It has been called one
>     of the world's "happiest locations" as an estimated 45,000
>     immigrants relocate to the city every year.
>     For those who don't call Québec home, we have prepared a list of
>     cultural "Do's and Don'ts" to help you quickly acclimate + thrive in
>     this foreign destination.
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