Question re prevention of enumeration with DNSSEC (NSEC3, etc.)

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Actually, that source quotes the Feist decision. The rest of the discussion makes it pretty clear that domain registries are not copyrightable.

“Thus, a database of unprotectable works (such as basic facts) is protected only as a compilation. Since the underlying data is not protected, U.S. copyright law does not prevent the extraction of unprotected data from an otherwise protectable database. In the example of a database of presidential quotations, it would therefore not be a violation of copyright law to extract (copy) a quotation from George Washington from the database. On the other hand, it would be violation to copy the entire database, as long as the database met the Feist<> originality and creativity requirements.”

The key problem is that no domain registry meets the originality and creativity requirements set forth by SCOTUS in Feist.

I am not a lawyer either, but I have a lot of initials after my name, just like some lawyers that post on NANOG :)

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I don’t think copyright can enter into it, by dint of the fact that registry data, being purely factual and publicly available, cannot be copyrighted.

I'm not a lawyer nor pretend to be one on the internet but provides some nuance to that statement.

   -- Niels.
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