Strange behavior on the Juniper MX240

Mark Tinka mark at
Fri May 6 07:55:51 UTC 2022

On 5/5/22 21:50, Nick Olsen wrote:

> His instance drove us crazy for a bit. The device would learn a route, 
> show that it was installed (show routes) but traffic to said prefix 
> would bounce net unreachable. We even pushed a static just for S&G's 
> and that still didn't resolve it. It was a single prefix that a 
> customer had reported. 

> Start with the memory command first and see where that gets you. But 
> keep a watchful eye out for this to happen again (as the DFZ grows). 
> Eventually your only option will be to filter routes and rely on a 
> default or upgrade.

These are the reasons why I was saying that while there may be some 
commands to move FIB allocations around, it's a lot of admin. because 
the DFZ is very dynamic, and FIB programming issues due to lack of slots 
that affect different prefixes in different ways can have you chasing 
your tail for weeks before you figure things out.

I think doing this should be a short-term solution as you make plans to 
get newer hardware. As a long-term strategy, it will tax day-to-day 

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