Court orders for blocking of streaming services

John Levine johnl at
Thu May 5 20:20:44 UTC 2022

It appears that Joe Greco <jgreco at> said:
>While the issue of domains being confiscated and being handed over to a
>prevailing plaintiff for an international domain with no obvious nexus
>to the United States ...

Most of the domains do have US nexus. Two are in .TV, one in .COM,
both run by Verisign, one in .XYZ which is assigned to an LLC in Las
Vegas, registered via registrar Namecheap which is in Phoenix. .DEV is
Google, again registered via Namecheap. The ones in .AC .LY .TO and
the non-existent .ISR, not so much.

I agree that the rest of the language demanding that every ISP,
hosting provider, credit union, bank, and presumably nail salon and
coin laundry in the US stop serving the defendants is nuts.

The defendants didn't show up in court so the plantiffs would have
provided a proposed order which it looks like the court just rubber
stamped. That was pretty sloppy of her.


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