Announcement of Experiments

Randy Bush randy at
Mon May 2 22:21:40 UTC 2022

hi adam,

you are correct, it will affect research based on as_path data from the
ris/rv collectors etc.  which is why i think these researchers were kind
to warn us so we can remove data for those prefixes from in any
measurements betting on as_path which might be so sensitive so as to be

but then, removing PEERING testbed prefix data (which these are) from
your experiments is probably wise in general.  you would be measuring
other researchers, not the 'normal' (whatever the heck that is:)

as a point of amusement, for a month or so in 2008 3130 had an
out-degree of approximately the entire as set.  and no packets were

[ credit where due department: as we said in the 2009 paper, i think it
  was lorenzo who first used as_path poisoning in a measurement study. ]

alongside ris and/or rv, we night have a registry of both accidental and
intentional known anomalies.


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