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Mon May 2 16:09:55 UTC 2022

> On May 2, 2022, at 7:04 AM, Alexandros Milolidakis <amilolid at> wrote:
> We are a group of researchers from the KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden). 
> Starting from May 9 until May 31, we plan to conduct a research study involving AS-PATH poisoning to measure how reliable route collectors are to report BGP poisoned routes.
> We will use the PEERING Testbed [1] to announce the following two prefixes:
>  - 
>  -
> for our AS-path poisoning experiments.
> The above experimental prefixes do not host any production services, hence user traffic will *not* be affected.
> Furthermore, we will always start the AS-PATH with the correct ASN as the origin.
> Lastly, to keep the AS-PATH short, we will announce no more than four Poisoned ASNs per announcement. The frequency of the announcements will not exceed four per hour.
> If, for any reason, you want to opt out from us using your ASN for our experiments, you can do so in the following form before May 9:
> I remain at your disposal for any questions.
> Best regards,
> Alexandros
> [1]

This is out of line.

Do you really believe that it is fashionable to come here and post this short notice “you must opt-out” notice that you are going to use our resources?

I feel that as innocuous as your tests may be, you must work in reverse of how you are doing this now. Furthermore we do not have to opt-out, and tell you our ASN etc. Shall we will bill your for our valuable time? Does your experiment have a budget for that? We’re all very busy here and don’t need to do your work for you.

The number of assigned ASNs exceeds 100k, so let’s just assume your experiment causes each network operator an hour labor to notify its staff, examine the details of your experiment and fill our your opt-out form, I would expect about $7,500,000 in fees. (Based upon a small 75.00 hour fee.)

It’s unjust that you burden the world with work you should be doing.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m in support of experiments that can advance our world but they have to be done correctly. Should your experiment have unforeseen outcomes and cause major disruptions, the liability is unmeasurable.

I can however thank you for posting this here so we have a chance to rebut it.

Please read my words in a happy voice so it doesn’t come off too edgy. 😀
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