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> On 3/31/22 11:38, Laura Smith via NANOG wrote:
> > However, perhaps someone would care to elaborate (either on or off-list)
> what the deal is with the requirement to sign NDAs with Cogent before
> they'll discuss things like why they still charge for BGP, or indeed any
> other technical or pricing matters. Seems weird ?!?
> Same reason your employer doesn't want employees telling each other
> their salary. Not every similarly situated customer pays the same for
> the same service.
Having fought that issue[0], I'd like to point out that employees
sharing salary data is federally protected speech in the US, and cannot
be waived through an employment contract:,for%20mutual%20aid%20or%20protection

"Under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA or the Act), employees have
the right to communicate with other employees at their workplace about
their wages.  Wages are a vital term and condition of employment, and
discussions of wages are often preliminary to organizing or other actions
for mutual aid or protection. "
..."policies that specifically prohibit the discussion of wages are

I understand the parallelism you were aiming for, but
given how many people labour under the mistaken
notion that US companies can forbid you from talking
about your compensation, I felt it prudent to point out
that's actually not a terribly good comparison.   ^_^;



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