PoE, Comcast Modems, and Service Outages

Matt Ertle mertle at esvba.com
Tue Mar 29 20:21:54 UTC 2022

> On Mar 29, 2022, at 5:46 PM, Joe Greco <jgreco at ns.sol.net> wrote:
> So if you want the $100 test to eliminate PoE electrical effects, get
> a pair of media converters and run fiber between them.  Put the CPE on
> the far end.  Optimize as appropriate if you have SFP-capable switches.
> ... JG
>Bingo ^^^

As a few others have said, I’d be more inclined to feel like this was a real thing if the tech had mentioned checking grounding, etc and not just said all the PoE has to go away for the modem to function correctly.  If it is truly a power issue there are a bunch of ways to isolate/troubleshoot/fix it.  

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