ISP data collection from home routers

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I'm surprised we're having this discussion about an internet device that
the customer is using to publicize all of their information on Facebook and
Twitter.  Consumers do not care enough about their privacy to the point
where they are providing the information willingly.

>Consumers should have legal say in how or wether their data are harvested
and also sold.

They do.

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> This is an enormous problem, see:
> Consumers should have legal say in how or wether their data are harvested
> and also sold.
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> Hello there,
> Several years ago, a friend of mine was working for a large telco and his
> job was to detect which clients had the worst networking experience.
> To do that, the telco had this hadoop cluster, where it collected _tons_
> of data from home users routers, and his job was to use ML to tell the
> signal from the noise.
> I remember seeing a sample csv from this data, which contained _thousands_
> of data fields (features) from each client.
> I was _shocked_ by the amount of (meta)data they are able to pull from
> home routers. These even included your wifi network name _and_ password!
> (it's been several years since then).
> And home users are _completely_ unaware of this.
> So my question to you folks is:
> - What's the policy regulations on this? I don't remember the features
> (thousands) but I'm pretty sure you could some profiling with it.
> - Is anyone aware of any public discussion on this? I have never seen it.
> Thanks,
> Giovane Moura
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