V6 still not supported

Mark Delany k3f at november.emu.st
Thu Mar 24 09:19:55 UTC 2022

On 24Mar22, Greg Skinner via NANOG allegedly wrote:

> straightforward transition plan

> in-hand working transition strategy

> nor a straightforward transition

Any such "transition plan" whether "working" or "straightforward" is logically
impossible. Why anyone thinks such a mythical plan might yet be formulated some 20+ years
after deploying any of ipv6, ipv4++ or ipv6-lite is absurd.

The logic goes: we support legacy "do nothing" ipv4 deployments forever. We also expect
those same deployments to invest significant effort, cost and risk to move off their
perfectly functioning network for no self-serving benefit.

There be unicorns and denial of human nature.


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