V6 still not supported

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Fri Mar 18 08:36:40 UTC 2022

While Im dont like IPv6, I see it as a bad idea.
>From my knowledge I dont see a way of extending IPv4 without making it
a new protocol. It was not designed that way.

What I would LOVE to see that someone will pop in with new IP protocol
that is much more similar to IPv4, just extends address space and fixes
some well know issues. (for example remove netmask and use prefixlen/CIDR).

Other importand aspect is some kind of IPvX -> IPv4 interop, so you can
quickly put clients into new protocol and they have access to entire IPv4
internet out of the box.

Also, we need to please enterprises so we need largish RFC1918 space too.

Just my 2 cents again ;)

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At this point I would *love* to see IPv4 get extended, a software patch applied
to devices, and IPv6 die a quick painless death.

> Its not impossible to envision that IPv4 does not ever go away but actually
> gets extended in such a way that it obsoletes IPv6. The longer this drags out
> the less implausible it seems.
> Joe

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