Latest from ICANN: Quantum Computers + N85 Peering Forum

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Wed Mar 16 18:54:20 UTC 2022

Latest from ICANN: Quantum Computers are "Interesting"… But Don't Lose your

*An Interview with ICANN, Paul Hoffman    *
In a recent publication, written by ICANN (Internet Corporation for
Assigned Names and Numbers), chief technology officer Paul Hoffman
discussed the hot topic of Quantum Computing and the DNS.

NANOG had the opportunity to talk to Hoffman to better understand the
current status + future of quantum computing.
Learn what questions our community should be asking + and how much
discussion we should be giving this topic at this time.

Peering Forum: Now Accepting Applications

Peering Coordination Forums are an incredible way to network with others in
the industry!

The 90-minute session will occur during the hybrid NANOG 85 conference,
which will kick off in Montreal on Jun. 6. Please note that participants
must be physically present to attend. NANOG 85 Peering Forum applications
will remain open until we have received twenty applications or the deadline
date of May 31.

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