"Permanent" DST

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"Farmers work on that kind of schedule" 

With GPS and now even RTK-assisted GPS, farmers don't care if it's noon or midnight, though obviously working near normal human awake times makes the search for labor easier. 

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In the 70’s, you couldn’t check your smartphone to find out when a business was open, so there was a certain assumption that it would be open not only during “normal business hours”, but that it would be consistent throughout the year. We live in a completely different world today, where I’d venture to say that the majority of the population isn’t starting their day at dawn and ending it at dusk. Farmers work on that kind of schedule, but they don’t care what the clock says anyway. In today’s world, it’s pretty trivial for businesses to notify customers of schedule changes. 

So I agree, we should stick with UTC offset, or standard time, and let businesses handle changing their hours during the summer to earlier if they want to give their employees more “daytime”. 


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What I don’t understand, is why change time, just change working hours. 

I’m all for giving up the time change, but the standard should probably still be UTC offset. 

If you work 9-5, change it to 10-6. Every company can post working hours on their website. 

Obviously for most of us, it’s a moot point. 

P.S. Anyone working at NIST or a similar org probably needs a raise for dealing with all the exceptions. 

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WaPo has a been there done that item today. 


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In a unanimous vote today, the US Senate approved a bill which would 

1) Cancel DST permanently, and 
2) Move every square inch of US territory 15 degrees to the east. 

My opinion of this ought to be obvious from my rhetoric. Hopefully, it will 
fail, because it's likely to be the end of rational time worldwide, and even 
if you do log in UTC, it will still make your life difficult. 

I'm poleaxed; I can't even decide which grounds to scream about this on... 

Hopefully, the House or the White House will be more coherent in their 
decision on this engineering construct. 

-- jra 

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