"Permanent" DST

hak at cooper.edu hak at cooper.edu
Wed Mar 16 05:45:29 UTC 2022

Changing the relationship between local time and true solar noon to provide
more or less sunlight during certain times of the day and certain times of the
year is a totally suboptimal solution.  Its like changing your oil by rotating
your entire car while holding the oil filter stationary.  But gov't shouldn't
tell us when we have to get up, or go to work, so if they just change what
time it is, we're all fooled, right?

This is the North American Network Operators Group mailing list, so I am
curious, do any network operators see actual impact, to network operations,
if this does go into effect?  Where time of day is present in protocols,
it is almost always based on UTC.  There are already many different and
inconsistently applied local timezone rules in the world, and it does not
seem to impact network operations.  I see this as more of an applications
and UI/UX type of impact.  I guess what I am asking, do IP packets check
and adjust their wristwatches when they transit different timezones?

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