"Permanent" DST

Chris Adams cma at cmadams.net
Wed Mar 16 00:34:15 UTC 2022

Once upon a time, Dave <dedelman at iname.com> said:
> Folks for most systems, this is a change to a single file. Not a really hard thing to accomplish

For lots of up-to-date servers running a current and well-maintained
operating system, this will be mostly easy (except that if you maintain
hundreds of servers, it's still non-trivial, because even with
automation, there's testing involved to make sure all services are
properly updated).  It's definitely more than "a change to a single
file" though.

If that's all that existed, that'd be great.  However, there are tons of
not up-to-date servers, running unmaintained operating systems.  There
are tons of embedded systems that never get updates.  The last time
Congress messed with the time zones and DST, it was a huge PITA, and I'd
wager there are way more problem systems now than there were then.

This is a huge waste of time to address, all because some businesses
think their hours are nailed for all eternity, and the world must change

Chris Adams <cma at cmadams.net>

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