Bombs and Hackers are Battering Ukraine's Internet Providers

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Man,never has a network engineer's job been so hard and so important

I wish them all the best of luck and the least of bombs.  We used to only have to worry about backhoes

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Images sent to Forbes by Kyivstar show what the conditions are like.
Despite obliterated terrain and internet wires, fire-blackened data centers, curfews, lack of light, and the danger of death from above, the fixers go out and turn the internet back on so Ukrainians can stay in touch with one another and get word out beyond borders, to illuminate for the world the darkness that’s descended on their nation. Their government calls them the “invisible heroes” of the war, entering dangerous places to replace and upgrade equipment.

Satellite outage caused 'huge loss in communications' at war's outset -Ukrainian official

A senior Ukrainian cybersecurity official said that the digital sabotage that hit Viasat's KA-SAT network last month caused a massive communications outage at the outset of Russia's invasion.

Speaking to journalists on Tuesday, Victor Zhora said he could not reveal much about the incident, which crippled tens of thousands of satellite modems across Europe on the morning of Feb. 24, just as Russian armor pushed into Ukraine.

New narrative forms on Russia-Ukraine cyberwar as Viasat outage investigated

Gen. Paul Nakasone, head of the National Security Agency, issued what retroactively seems like a carefully worded answer at a Senate hearing to a question about the relative lack of cyberwarfare during the war in Ukraine, saying that the U.S. was aware of "three or four" cyberattacks in Ukraine. He did not mention which attacks those were, though three or four candidates other than Viasat were already known to the public.

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